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Update February 2013:  Unfortunately, I didn't receive my order from Runa Raven after many months.  I received one email with a lame excuse but did not receive any response when I asked them to either send my order or refund my money.  While I may still enjoy books that were published through Runa Raven Press, I couldn't recommend doing business with Mr. Thorsson if he ever decides to open the Press again.


Runa Raven Press, the Northern European tradition publishing house run by Edred Thorsson, is closing September 20, 2012.  Thorsson is the author of the rune magic trilogy consisting of Futhark:  A Handbook of Rune Magic, Runelore:  A Handbook of Esoteric Runology, and Runecaster's Handbook among many others.  I know he's a controversial figure but I enjoy his rune writings as part of the larger body of rune books by many authors and he's certainly no intellectual slouch.

They're still taking orders up until the end date.  Besides runic titles, there are books on Heathenism, other magical traditions and the left hand path.  Read more at the link.  Runa Raven Closing 9/20/2012

Thorsson's initiatory order, the Rune-Gild, has also undergone some changes in the last year.  A post from April 2012 states that the Gild was destroyed and recreated with a different structure.  Thorsson left as chief administrator of the Gild and it's now run by a High-Rede consisting of four members.  Thorsson still continues on as the executive officer.  From the site:
"An important dissolution, transformation, and reintegration of the Gild took place at the World Gild Moot on November 11th, 2011ev. Through ritual re-dedication and pragmatic reorganization, the Gild affirmed its essential unity and common purpose. There are many abroad in the world today who may have been part of the Gild in the past, but only those who were there when the Spear was raised and the Stone was carved – together with those they have named as fellow travelers – will truly know the shape of the Gild and do its work in years to come."
Thorsson's book The Nine Doors of Midgard is the foundation for the Gild's work.  You don't have to be a member to work with the book.  But if you wish to, then the first step is to become an associate which includes a one-time fee of $50.  With this, you receive Nine Doors plus Gildisbók, a text that I don't believe is available to the public.  There is also a forum for members.  Visit the Rune-Gild site to learn more.

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