Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Angry Mom Blasts Anti-Vaxxers and Positive Thinking Pundits

A mom with righteous anger took to Facebook to post her thoughts on the anti-vaccination movement when she found out from her doctor that her baby may have caught measles from someone he was exposed to at the office.  She says eloquently what so many of us are thinking.  I'm tired of anti-vaxxers, anti-GMO people, and pot cures everything and never harms anybody people being thrown in with the New-Age.  It's embarrassing, though somewhat deserved.  In part of post she states:
"You think you are protecting them through extracts and homeopathy and positive thoughts and Laws of Attraction and dancing by candlelight on a full moon? You aren’t. I PROTECT YOUR CHILD. We protect your child. By being concerned world citizens who care about ourselves, our fellow man, and our most vulnerable. So we vaccinate ourselves and our children."
I remember the 90s as much as the next Gen-X former hippie wannabe, but we need to stop with the persecution complex that was so prevalent, i.e. Big Pharma is trying to keeeeel us or Big Whatever boogie man it is these days.  Her full post is well worth reading and sharing.

H/T: Truth Revolt

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