Friday, February 13, 2015

New Directions

Several years ago, around 2007, I self-identified as a Pagan after about 15 years of practice and also was aspiring to write for the web.  I applied to write for the Pagan site at BellaOnline and was accepted.  It was a great way for me to learn to organize a topic.  Eventually for many reasons, mostly personal, I left the site and parked the articles I wrote for BellaOnline at various other websites including HubPages and Squidoo.

The internet has changed and Squidoo is gone.  I fear the same fate for HubPages.  I've closed one of my accounts there and will close the rest by next month.  In the meantime, this blog will be undergoing some changes.  I'll still have a blog section, but I'll also have pages devoted to the different topics I wrote about online as I want to have a place to put these articles without having them be at the whim of other website owners.  Most of the articles I wrote originally were only ever meant to be introductions to various topics, not in depth explorations of spirituality, so I hope readers will keep that in mind and use them as springboards for their own journey.

I'm at a different place spiritually than I was back then and I've returned to combining my Christian roots with new-age spirituality, which since Edgar Cayce was one of the authors that helped set me on an alternative path at age 13 isn't so very strange.

One of the things that made me a seeker is that I didn't fit in a particular box religiously or politically.  I'm a new-age, Jesus-loving, gun-toting constitutional conservative.  I still love crystals but I don't buy into the manifestation ideology and what I see as positive thinking dogma to rival any fundamentalist Christian dogma.  I believe in Jesus but I'm not a fundie.  It saddened me to see the fundamentalist turn some in the Pagan community have taken which is one of the things that has turned me back to where I came from.  However, fundamentalist Christianity sent me in a leftward direction so many years ago, so once again I forge my own path.

I don't want to get too political here but I will be exploring the boxes that get formed in religious and political communities in the blog section here.  I've never claimed to be any kind of guru, just another seeker posting her thoughts on the internet.  You're welcome to peek into this portion of my world.  Please be patient as this site is slowly transformed.

© Trish Deneen

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