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Psalm Magic

I've noticed increased interest, at least online, in biblical magic, especially that of psalm magic.  Possibly, this is due to a larger understanding (if not complete acceptance) of Christian and Jewish paganism by some pagans.  It could just be my own interest and developing personal practice, but I don't think that's all it is.  Psalm magic can be a deeply rewarding magical path to explore for those who are drawn to it.

Psalm Authorship and History

The biblical Book of Psalms, also known as the Tehillim in Hebrew, are a collection of poems or songs often attributed to King David.  There is no agreement to the authorship or history of the psalms however.  One theory that makes the most sense to me is that much like the bible itself the psalms were written by several authors spanning centuries, King David being the most prolific and celebrated.

Psalm and Candle Magic in Hoodoo

Hoodoo, also known as African-American conjure, has combined candle magic with psalms before the pu…