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Grounding and Centering Techniques: A Foundation of Magical and Spiritual Practice

*This piece was originally published on the Pagan site at BellaOnline in January 2008.  It has also appeared on HubPages.  Any other sites or publications it appear arecontent thievesusing it without the author's permission.

Why Grounding and Centering are Important

The process of relaxing and making yourself receptive and effective for any ritual, magical or devotional activity is called grounding and centering.  This isn't just a religious practice but can be used as a general spiritual and non-religious meditation technique.

Grounding literally means visualizing yourself connected to the earth. Once you are grounded, you then visualize yourself centered in the present instead of constantly thinking of the past or the future. This is called being in the here and now. The reasoning behind this is that you do not want to enter into ritual in your everyday state of mind with all of your stresses. It is best to let your daily disturbances fall by the wayside even if it is only for t…


Greetings and welcome to my new spiritual blog home.  I'm Trish Deneen, the former editor for the Pagan site at - The Voice of Women.  I have two main reasons for creating this blog.  The first is as a place to post my thoughts on different aspects of spirituality.  I expect it for the most part to take more of a personal diary tone but one which may find like minds who find value in it.

I have found over the years that I despise labels, and I no longer try to define myself in those terms.  This is a place to explore my spiritual evolution.  Some of the older articles I post are likely to be glimpses of a point in time rather than represent my current practices or beliefs which don't necessarily follow any particular party line as far as Pagans or Christians are concerned.  I've always seemed to live my life in the mid way.  I can stand in a circle and see many points therein, but I still stand in my own place.  I hope my writings will inspire or give solace…