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The Crystal Silence League - Free Interfaith Prayer Site

I've recently joined the Crystal Silence League (CSL for short) sponsored by the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church, aka The World's Smallest Church.  The CSL is based on the teachings of C. Alexander, a sort of positive thinking guru from the early 20th century.  He was the original founder of the CSL but when he died the League pretty much stopped operating.

The church is affiliated with Lucky Mojo Curio Company run by Catherine Yronwode and her husband Nagasiva.  From what I gather, it's been Yronwode's dedication along with members of the church and affiliated churches to restart the CSL.

The goal is to be a place where people can request prayers and pray for others through the League's website.  The main tool used to focus prayers and thoughts is a crystal or glass ball.  You don't have to be a member to enter a prayer request or pray for others.

If you do join though you can receive a reprint of a booklet by C. Alexander called The Crystal Silence…