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Spiritual and Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

A Rare Beauty

Smoky quartz is underrated. It may not be as flashy as rubies or emeralds, but it's one of the most elegantly beautiful crystals and gemstones around. Maybe I'm biased because I love the color gray, but smoky quartz proves that gray can be beautiful. It's also one of my favorite healing stones as well as an excellent meditation stone for staying calm, centered and connected to the present moment.

Learn more about the healing properties of smoky quartz and how you can tap into those energies for your well being. Crystal healing is an experiential alternative healing method. I'm not a professional crystal healer. I share my research along with personal experience. Nothing in this article is meant to replace medical advice. But if you're an energy healer in a system like Reiki or are sensitive to the energies of stones or just interested in becoming more sensitive, then you may find this information useful.

Physical Properties of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz…

Psychic Shielding - Techniques for Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic Self-Defense

Do terms like psychic attack and psychic self-defense frighten you? Or do you think that it's all a bunch of rubbish imagined by a group of paranoid new-agers? While these terms do suggest that there is an imaginary battle waging on the astral plane, in actuality, most of us who practice banishment and/or psychic shielding believe that true psychic attack is very rare.

Why then would there be a need for such protection? Magic practitioners among others believe that there is a spiritual plane of existence. We are just as affected by what happens there as we are by what happens on the physical plane. Both planes react to each other. If we are weakened on the physical plane then our astral body will be weakened and vice versa.

Psychic Vampires

Every day stresses of our own can cause such weaknesses as much if not more so than any person or thing actually directing negative energy towards us. A person does not necessarily have to be intentionally attacking us. They…

Reposting Articles

I'm still considering website hosts but in the meantime I'm reposting some of my old articles here just as a temporary parking measure.  Many of them were originally published at either BellaOnline or Squidoo and were later republished on HubPages.  Thanks for your patience.

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