Psychic Shielding - Techniques for Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic Self-Defense

Do terms like psychic attack and psychic self-defense frighten you? Or do you think that it's all a bunch of rubbish imagined by a group of paranoid new-agers? While these terms do suggest that there is an imaginary battle waging on the astral plane, in actuality, most of us who practice banishment and/or psychic shielding believe that true psychic attack is very rare.

Why then would there be a need for such protection? Magic practitioners among others believe that there is a spiritual plane of existence. We are just as affected by what happens there as we are by what happens on the physical plane. Both planes react to each other. If we are weakened on the physical plane then our astral body will be weakened and vice versa.

Incubus by Charles Walker, 1870.  An incubus was believed to be a male demon that preyed on sleeping women.  A succubus is the female equivalent.
Psychic Vampires

Every day stresses of our own can cause such weaknesses as much if not more so than any person or thing actually directing negative energy towards us. A person does not necessarily have to be intentionally attacking us. They can be what is called a psychic vampire, that is someone who drains our psychic energy.

Many of us have met at least one of these people. We feel drained of vitality after being with them even though we haven't done anything to physically exert ourselves. For these reasons, visualization techniques for protection are a valuable tool for magic and your psychic health.

Visualization Techniques

Below is a visualization that can be adapted to your needs:
  • Try to give yourself at least 10 minutes to do this exercise. Begin by doing a relaxation technique such as deep breathing with any grounding and centering meditation you feel comfortable with.
  • Visualize a sphere of white light surrounding your body about arm's length from you. Imagine that surrounding this sphere is a grid of brilliant blue lines.
  • Surround this sphere with a wall of white light extending arm's length from the grid of blue lines. This wall has grids on both sides and locks into place with the first grid. Actually try to hear the click they make while locking in place with each other.
  • One more arm's length from this second grid, visualize another wall of light with a grid locking into place with the second grid. Again, hear the clicking sound they make together.
  • Surround this outer wall that is now three arm's lengths from your body with a brilliant blue flame about 6 inches thick. This is your flame of protection. Some associate this with the flame of archangel Michael.
  • Bask in this energy surrounding you for a few minutes. When you are ready, visualize this flame and grid system fading away from your mind's eye yet know that it is still there.
You can vary this technique to your comfort level. For instance, you don't have to use white light. Whatever color makes you feel safe is what you should use. You can even imagine a brick wall instead of a wall of light. You can also visualize a symbol such as a flaming pentagram, sword, cross, Thor's hammer, a shield, etc. to personalize it. Practice with your own protection rituals and see what is the best fit for you.

It is a good idea to do this every day especially if you are empathic. After steady practice, you might be surprised at how quickly you can put up your wall of protection. Psychic shielding along with grounding and centering are also important to do before more elaborate ritual and/or magic work where you are opening yourself to influences from the spiritual plane.

Attracting Positivity

Since you will be changing your own energy to that of power and self-confidence, you may also find your surroundings following suit. For instance, not only will you be better able to handle people who drain your energy, they might not even want to be around you since you have ceased to allow them to feed off your strength.

Of course, such techniques do not replace the advice of a proper medical practitioner if you believe you are ill. While some claim that symptoms such as migraines and fatigue are signs of psychic attack, they could very well be symptoms of a more serious health problem. Please use common sense and see your health care provider if necessary.

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  1. I firmly believe these things. Energies are energies, good or bad, and can be sent, with harmful intention -or not. It's good to protect ourselves, and cleanse and sheild often. I take responsibility for what I create, and try to be vigilant about what I'm putting out there.


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