Chakra and Flame Psychic Self-Defense Meditation

Psychic self-defense is a term used to describe protection from unwanted influences whether or not they're from intentional psychic attack, also known as psychic vampirism. This can be from an outside source or from self-destructive behavior. One technique used for protection is visually bathing the body in the colors of the chakra system and encasing it in a protective blue flame.

Chakras, Psychic Attack and Psychic Vampires

According to psychologist and founder of the International Parapsychology Research Foundation, Joe Slate, in his book Psychic Vampires: Protection From Energy Predators and Parasites, psychic vampirism is an energetic phenomenon that leaves victims feeling lethargic, emotionally drained and even physically ill.

An energetic field surrounding the body, has been recorded by techniques such as Kirlian photography. Metaphysical practitioners and researchers including Slate call this field the aura and believe it can extend several feet out from the body and be weakened by stress, illness and psychic attack. His theories are experimental and based on years of working with private clients.

In Eastern spiritual traditions, chakras are energy centers of the body that govern specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person as well as the aura. In theory then, meditative exercises focused on strengthening the chakras provide needed support to the aura making it less vulnerable to psychic attack.

Psychic Protection Meditation Technique

Blue Flame of Protection, credit ShortSword, Pixabay

The chakras are usually visualized as spheres of light just outside the physical body. However, in this technique, the entire body is encompassed by each of the colors to bring a strong sense of awareness of the affect that each chakra can have on the entire system. The following meditation begins with the color of the root chakra at the base of the spine and moves up to the first located in the forehead area.

  1. Set aside at least 10 minutes or more to do this. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position and take three slow, deep breaths. Perform a grounding visualization such as imagining tree roots coming down from the base of the spine into the center of the earth. Incorporate the colors black and red which represent the root chakra by visualizing the roots of the tree as black with red veins.
  2. Visualize a ball of brilliant opalescent light above the body. Notice the translucent rainbow quality it has. This ball slowly becomes large enough to encompass the entire body and extend beyond it about 3 feet in length. Now, see the light slowly turn deep orange and then bright yellow. These are the colors of the second and third chakras respectively which are the pleasure and power centers.
  3. Now, visualize the ball of light turning green and then blue which represent the heart and throat chakras. These two centers govern healing, relationships and communication.
  4. Next, visualize the light turning indigo which is a combination of deep blue and purple. This is the color of the third eye chakra which governs dreams, spirituality and psychic ability.
  5. Keep this indigo color in mind while visualizing a controlled bright blue flame surrounding the body and its chakras.
  6. Keep this flame in place while visualizing the indigo turning back to the opalescent light at the beginning of this meditation.
  7. Stay focused on this powerful protective flame for a few minutes. Now, visualize the flame and light slowly fading away. Remember, however, that the flame is still there and ready to be called upon for protection at any time.

Chakra Meditation Additions and Variations

A lit blue candle may be used as a focal point to aid in visualizing the protective flame. Affirmations can be added which reinforce a safe state of being. The flame is sometimes associated with the protective fiery sword of archangel Michael. Either he, an ancestor, spirit guide or other trusted figure may be visualized along with the flame.

Prayers and offerings to specific deities either before or after this exercise would be helpful in setting an atmosphere of sacred space as would performing this meditation at an altar where prayers are consistently offered.

Benefits of Psychic Self Defense Techniques

Taking defensive action against psychic attack can produce a feeling of self-confidence which permeates into other areas such as work and relationships. Focusing on clearing and protecting the chakras can bring a sense of calm.

Paying attention to the body's energy centers may also aid in perception as to whether there is truly a psychic attack taking place or if the stressful situation is personally inflicted through lack of self-care of physical and emotional needs.

© Trish Deneen



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