Fehu - Rune of Wealth and Power

Fehu, Credit - Peter-Lomas, Pixabay

Fehu (pronounced fay-hu) is a rune of wealth and mobile power. In divination, it often refers to issues of money, but it is also used in magic and meditation to attract wealth, an attitude of prosperity and a sense well-being.

Original Meaning of the Fehu Rune

Fehu is the Germanic word commonly used for this rune. However, the word has several variants in old languages. In Old Norse, it's "fe"; in Old English, it's "foeh", and "faihu" in Gothic. All of these terms roughly translate to cattle, wealth and livestock. Cows and other animals were a measure of a person's success and ability to provide for his needs. Those with money had power to rule their own lives and very often the lives of others.

Divination With Runes

As with most divination systems, the meaning of fehu is conditional depending upon the question that was asked during the reading and the other runes appear in the reading. For example, if the isa (ice) rune is next to the fehu rune, there may be a temporary setback monetarily. Wealth is usually seen as positive, but money is also associated with the duty to use it in a responsible manner.

Prosperity can also be interpreted as creativity and fertility, which can be in the form of a baby, a good crop year, or an increase in work or productivity.

Changing Attitudes With Runes

Meditation with the rune helps a person develop a better attitude towards work and money. It also helps to see what if any mental or emotional blocks there may be to receiving prosperity. As mentioned above, the concept of mobile power is illustrated by fehu's original association with cattle. Therefore, meditating daily on the image of this rune helps to break through periods of stagnation.

Fehu in Magic

Fehu can be drawn on paper and used as a magical talisman to attract money and overcome creative blocks. It can be etched on clay or glass beads and burned or painted onto wood beads and used the same way as a paper talisman. Creating the runic image should be done with strong intent and purpose either through meditation or more elaborate rituals.

It's important to be specific about the desired outcome of the magic keeping in mind the different associations linked to fehu. If the fehu rune's other associations are not considered, then a spell done using a generic term like "prosperity" might result in fertility in a case where cash was the desired object.

Rune Use for Personal Development

Consistently working with fehu can increase confidence in personal power and the ability to provide for oneself. This confidence is carried over into other areas of life including work and family relationships and creative endeavors. In this way, fehu is a tool which lays down a harmonious foundation from which to further develop personally and spiritually.

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