How to Make a Moon Elixir

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Goddess-centered groups and other Pagans honor the phases of the moon in ceremony and magical practice. One reason for this is to bring the qualities of the moon into their lives including increased intuition, self-awareness, healing, magical ability and feminine power.  A simple moon elixir can be prepared and used by those who want to enhance their magical rites.

Lunar Phases for Magic

Before making the elixir, it's good to note what magical qualities each phase of the moon possesses. The elixir will then take on the quality of that particular phase. Below is a brief explanation of lunar phases:
  • Full moon:  This is the peak time to perform spells for increased wealth, health and romance as well as protection.
  • Waning moon:  Rituals of release and letting go of unwanted things, habits and relationships.
  • New moon:  A good time for banishment and binding spells.
  • Waxing moon:  This phase lends its energy to attraction of material, emotional and spiritual desires.
Items Needed to Make a Moon Elixir

The materials required to create a moon elixir include:
  • Spring or distilled water
  • Glass bowl or jar
  • Plastic wrap (optional to cover jar)
Moon Elixir Preparation

To make a moon elixir, simply pour spring water in the container and leave outside for several hours during the desired phase of the moon.

A moon elixir can also be made like gem elixirs and flower essences with brandy or cider vinegar as a preservative and stabilizer. First, a stock essence is made by placing equal parts of the charged water with brandy or cider vinegar in a dark-colored, glass dropper bottle. A dosage bottle is made from this by placing two drops from the stock essence into a 20-mL dark, glass dropper bottle with one teaspoon of brandy. Fill the bottle with water. The use of this dosage essence is explained further below.

Moon Elixir Variations

Crystals enhance the effectiveness of moon elixirs and can be added to the elixir bowl while it's under the moon. Popular stones are those that are thought to increase clairvoyance such as moonstone, amethyst, obsidian and lapis lazuli. However, other stones can be used relating to the particular need of the practitioner.

The bowl of water can be placed on an altar with statues or magic tools that represent specific gods and goddesses to add their attributes to the elixir.

How to Use Moon Elixirs

Moon elixirs can be used in spells to draw on lunar energy. It's useful to have elixirs on hand that were made during each moon phase to use if the magic can't be performed during the correct phase called for in the spell. The elixir can be used to cleanse sacred objects, bless altars and people and for scrying.

Ritual participants can drink the elixir from the bowl immediately after it has been sitting in the moon during a ceremony to take in not only lunar properties but also the energy of the particular rite they're performing.

Dosage-strength elixirs can be taken like flower essences by placing 2-4 drops under the tongue or in a small glass of water. This is not meant as a medicinal remedy but to imbue the user with the same energy as the specific phase of the moon.

The Wiccan ceremony of drawing down the moon calls upon the energy of the goddess to enter into the priestess during a full moon rite. By partaking of moon elixirs the celebrants at this or any lunar rite add power to the ceremony by increasing their awareness of moon's magical aspects.

Source consulted:

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