Singing Crystal Bowls Meditation

I used to belong to a women's group that would meet mainly for full-moon ceremonies.  Occasionally, one of the members would bring her set of crystal singling bowls to include in a pre-ritual meditation.  They were incredibly effective in raising the vibration of the group and ritual space.

Tibetan Buddhists utilize singing bowls in ritual and they are believed to have an ancient origin but I'm not sure if the origins are clear.  They've been popular with New-Agers and Pagans alike as well as yoga practitioners and alternative healers.  As sound is a powerful vibratory force, it only makes sense that it can affect us on that level.

This meditation by Luminous Energies on YouTube is very relaxing, but there's just nothing like being in the same room with them.  There are sets that are sold with bowls that correspond to each chakra and are named with notes, C note, B note, etc.

 © Trish Deneen


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