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The Path of the Christian Witch - Reviewed

I've seen some controversy from both sides regarding the question of whether one can be a Christian and a witch.  I believe you can, but I do understand why some Christians and some neo-pagans who can't see past their own way of thinking may believe it's impossible.

Adelina St. Clair, author of The Path of the Christian Witch, shares in memoir form how she went from traditional Catholic to a Catholic witch who honors the feminine face of God.  She guides the reader from her childhood with strict yet loving Catholic parents to her questioning college years where she struggled with combining her passion for her new path of witchcraft while not wanting to let go of her deeply loved Catholicism.

We get to see the struggle some feel not just in coming out to their Christian family but also to their Pagan friends when their paths don't fit neatly into either paradigm.  I think anyone new to witchcraft who has come up against extremely anti-Christian Pagans will be able to re…