Moon Phases in Magic

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The moon has long been associated with mystery and magic. While timing magic with the phases of the moon isn't necessary for a spell to work, it definitely helps to give spells that extra push in the right direction.

Magic of this type is generally performed to coincide with either the waxing, waning, new and full cycles of the moon.

Moon Phases 
  • New Moon: Also called the dark moon. At this point in the cycle, the moon is in conjunction with the sun (between the sun and earth) when the light from the sun renders the moon invisible to the naked eye. Some consider this a time to rest from magic. It is also good for working darker magic and communing with dark deities such as Hecate and Lilith as well as darker aspects of the personality. This is also an excellent time for binding and banishing spells.
  • Waxing Moon: The waxing phase is the time that the moon appears to be growing larger in crescents towards the right in the sky up until the point of the full moon. This appearance of the increasing moon makes it an excellent time for magic for increase and attraction of desires such as prosperity and love spells.
  • Full Moon: At this point, the moon is rising as the sun sets. Without the bright sunlight to block the view is when the moon is seen in all its glory. Magically, the energy of the moon is at its peak. This is the best time for spells of increase personally and for the planet. Rituals of protection, divination and honoring the moon are also performed. While it is good to try to time magic exactly on the full moon, it can be acceptable to perform full moon magic one day before and one day after the actual date to get the desired results.  Many Wiccans and other Pagans celebrate this monthly occurrence called an esbat and consider "the" time of the Goddess in her full force.
  • Waning Moon: The waning phase is that time when the moon appears to be growing smaller in crescents to the left to the point of the new moon. This is the best time magically for decrease and to perform spells to let go of unwanted things, situations and habits. Spells of banishment and curse removal are more powerful during the waning moon.
General Moon Cycles

This appearance of a growing moon is actually caused by the position of the moon relative to that of the sun and the earth. The entire cycle lasts approximately 29 days and there are usually 13 of these cycles every year.

Importance of Wording of Spells with Moon Magic

Spells can be performed during different phases of the moon depending on the wording and intention. A healing spell could be worded as a desire for increased health which would be performed during the waxing phase or on the full moon. A desire can also be stated for the illness to diminish. In that case, the spell would be performed during the waning phase.

Spells for weight loss could be done during the waning moon while magic for increased will power can be done during the waxing moon. With this strategy in mind, there should be no difficulty in finding just the right moon phase to perform spells.

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