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Judaism for Dummies Book Review

Besides just being someone who enjoys learning about different religious beliefs and traditions, I've been on a bit of a for Dummies kick lately.  The for Dummies series of books, as you probably know, are usually written with the complete newbie in mind in regards to whatever the subject of the book is.  Judaism for Dummies is no different and I believe is a good introduction for non-Jews interested in the faith and Jews who were raised in a more secular atmosphere and want to get back to their roots.

The authors David Blatner and Rabbi Ted Falcon I believe come from a Reform background.  However, I'm not  sure of that in the case of Mr. Blatner as I don't have the book in front of me anymore (it was a library loan).  They treat the three main branches of Judaism, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform, fairly, though I've seen some reviews to the contrary on Amazon.

They don't separate the book into three parts, one for each branch.  What they do is more organic and h…