Spiritual Artist Profile - Duirwaigh Studios

A few years ago I came across a beautiful art video from Duirwaigh Studios called A Knock at the Door.  It was such a surprising success for the husband and wife owners of Duirwaigh that it spawned a book.  Though Angi Sullins and Silas Toball began their online art business in 1999, I assume the video which was released in 2004 helped propel their business forward.  It's an inspirational video that urges you never to give up on the possibility of magic.

According to the artists on their website, they have
"a belief in the infinite possibilities of the human psyche, with feet on the ground and heads in the stars, we endeavor to knock at the door of the human heart, re-minding ourselves and each other that once upon a time is really here and now."
With their films and beautiful art, they are definitely an inspiration in how to ignite your creativity while living day to day.  Along with offering their art for sale on the Duirwaigh Studios website, they also have individual artists blogs and information on workshops to help you open up to your own creativity.  Angi is also a performance artist and has a few video blogs up on Angi TV on YouTube.  They are definitely artists who are walking their talk.

When I'm feeling in a bit of a spiritual or creative lull, A Knock at the Door always gives me a lift.

© Trish Deneen


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