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I've given myself a challenge of completing 30 articles in 30 days at HubPages on the topics of metaphysical and healing properties of crystals and energy work.  In my search for a more personally authentic spirituality, I've gone back to my roots you might say, no not to my evangelical Christian background (sorry mom) but to some of what I explored early on in my spiritual path.

Along the way, I let some of this go as new-age woo woo stuff, but sometimes, the things that you're drawn to early on as a seeker come back into your life for a reason.  During our seeking, many of us discover we have certain gifts.  The ones that came naturally to me were healing and sensing vibrations of objects, mainly stones.  I spent 10 years as a massage therapist but I was attuned to Reiki before I went to massage school.  Even with powerful healers telling me I had a gift, my low self-esteem at the time resulted in me keeping energy work a hush-hush part of my practice and something I didn't develop as fully as I should have.

My former healing practice I think will be the subject of other posts, but I did want to give you a bit of background.  These articles are very short and focused and I'm really enjoying getting out my crystals and working with them again.  I started the 30-day challenge on September 19, so every few days or so I will be posting my newest work.  I hope you enjoy.  Please remember these are all copyrighted to me.  Feel free to share the links but please don't copy.  Three so far, 27 to go.

Metaphysical and Healing Properties of:

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